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Package Info

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  • Apache:
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  • Nexus 2
  • x86_64
  • 2.4.10
  • 5.4.36
  • 5.5.44-MariaDB-cll-lve
  • 3.4.2
  • Stable

Nexus Web Framework is a framework developed using PHP with a Bootstrap 3.0 frontend. The framework uses a block style structure so it is easy to implement and erase content and elements from your site.


  • Simplicity in mind
  • Compatibility with standard hosting
  • No Coding rules
  • Nearly zero configuration
  • Exceptional performance
  • Easy to use templating system
  • Easy to manage


  • Web Content Management
  • Blog
  • Forum
  • Documentation
  • Digital Asset-Management
  • Personal Site
  • Web Development


Infernal Blaze Gaming Community
Nexus Dev Website
JMEDIA Design Group

Nexus Hierarchy

Hierarchy within the Nexus Framework is simplistic and easy. Authentication manages license managment, Core is where your website data is stored and proximity is security to keep your site safe from pesky attackers.